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Colby T Robinson

Growing up, I have vivid memories of watching my Dad detail his cars. He always made sure his cars shined like new and I always wondered why he spent so much time on his vehicles. Until this day, he still has those same beautiful cars and they still look brand new! Inspired by my father's love of cars and his attention to detail, I started detailing family and friends’ cars in 2009. They always marveled at how rejuvenated their cars looked after a few hours of TLC. Then, by word of mouth, my hobby grew into a business in 2010 that continues to grow by never losing sight of those lessons from my Dad. In 2014 I purchased a Car Wash to expand my business, as well as adding another mobile unit. We are proud of our well-earned
reputation for quality and value. Robinson Car Wash & Auto Detailing LLC is especially proud to have serviced over 250,000 vehicles, and counting! The ONLY way to achieve such a number is to have many hundreds of repeat customers recommending our service to their friends and family. And, we do! I also have corporate contracts, such as Oxford Athletic Club that has over 7,100 members; this on-site, convenient, mobile auto detailing has really taken off. I look forward to earning your business and making your car look show-room new! We would love to make your car part of our NEXT 250,000!


“I was introduced to Colby Robinson and his Auto Detail business by a long time friend. When I told her about my health club (Oxford Athletic Club in Wexford, Pa.), she thought our members would appreciate the convenience of on-site auto detailing. Colby started by cleaning and waxing my personal car, and I could not believe the difference a professional buffing job could have on a black car! The surface was like a mirror . . .So clear and swirl-free, that in direct sunlight I could read a newspaper in the reflection!

His work on metallic colored cars was just as impressive (I never realized that different colors react better to specific waxes).

Our members have kept him busy, and his repeat business is a sure sign of quality work at a fair price. You can pay more, you could certainly pay less than Robinson Auto Detailing, but, I am sure your car will not look better.”

Dan Griffin
General Manager
(Oxford Athletic Club)

"Through, Honest, Dependable”

Gerald Ross

“Colby picked up my Jaguar in the morning, and it was back in the driveway when I got home from work. Looking showroom new inside, and out. Excellent service always”

Craig Barrett

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